know of a great audio test CD?

I am setting up my 2 channel solid state stereo system. Any one know of a great audio test CD using ones ears and not metering equipemt?
"Depth of Image" by Opus 3.
And their new Opus 3 Test CD 4.1, which includes tracks from Depth of Image, Timbre and Dynamics.

The thing I really like about the Opus 3 test discs is that they are really samplers including excellent tracks from the Opus 3 catalogue of very simply recorded, very natural sounding, recordings of acoustic instruments and voice.

And, for all of us vinyl fanatics, Opus 3 has finally returned to vinyl some test/sampler recordings:
"The Ultimate Demonstration Disc" from Chesky Records is also good.
Thanks - I order the Opus4.1 and will keep the chesky on file
The XLO Test CD has an outstanding track for setting up speakers and system demag tracks to boot...
Thanks Geo
Are you looking specifically for a "test disc", or for a CD that has outstanding fidelity to demonstrate the capabilities of your system?
More the test disc. Though always like to hear of Cds with oustatnding fiedelity
Be very, very careful. Read the fine print! Some test CDs will push your speakers, especially on the high end to the point of rupture.

I speak from experience.
Thanks for the great tip. I assume that would be at high volume
Had the pleasure recently to meet fellow A'goner Woodsage. He brought over two manufacturer "Test" disks with some outstanding musical selections. Not to be confused with the same "test" CD's Joe seems to be asking about these just had some wonderful and diverse musical selections that were very well performed and recorded. Some were familiar to me, but most were not. I cannot site the tracks themselves, but once CD was put out by Burmeister, and the other by Usher.

As far as test CD's for test tones, system setup and demonstrations of various technical aspects of a system, the Stereophile CD's work pretty well too.

Sheffield Lab CD's are wonderful recordings--the Sheffield Lab A2TB Test Disc ("My Disc") is a must have. Other sheffield CDs I would recommend for evaluating your system (and also for listening pleasure):

(1) Harry James and His Big Band, "The Kings James Version"--wonderful soundstage/imaging on this recording
(2) Michael Newman, "Classical Guitarist"
(3) James Newton Howard and Friends--High energy rock instrumentals composed for synthesizers, drums and percussion.
(4) the Sheffield Lab Drum record--drum improvisation of remarkable sonic and musical impact.
(5) Prokofiev: Excerpts from Romeo and Juliet--Erich Leinsdorf conducting the LA Philharmonic, an "unusually" fabulous classical recording.

These CD's, together with some of my favorite jazz recordings, are what I use for critical evaluation of a system across a variety of genre.

Good luck, and enjoy!

Very good selections.  Purist Audio and Ayre discs are excellent as well.
Those Stereophile test discs 1,2,3, are excellent as well.