Know of a book on audio basics?

Wondering if anyone can reccomen a good reffernce book on audio basics verything from from how ac currne tcomes out of the wall to equipmwnt and room acoustics.Know somehwere I have the Hartely book wondering if there are any others somebody might reccomend.Years ago I had a softbound text bood written durring durring the pre-digital era by a physics prfessor who used hifidelity equipment to teach the prinicples of physics to his class using hifi equipment as a guide for the an intro Physics `101 .It was great as it taught you how equipent worked and how to keep it up.Any suggestions?
I would highly recommend "The Complete Guide To High End Audio" Third Edition By Robert Harley from The Absolute Sound. You can get it from Amazon or from Ebay. Stephen
I would recommend reading "The Complete Guide To High-end Audio" by Robert Hartley. The book that I have is the second edition and I've had it for a couple of years now. I also recommend reading "The Master Handbook of Acoustics", it deals mostly with the basics of sound and room acoustics. Other than those 2 books, I can't recommend anything else, I haven't got around to reading any other yet. I will be interested to see if anyone can recommend something else.
Those mentioned are very good, I would also suggest "Good Sound" by Laura Deerborn. Like Robert Harley's book it covers everything from the basics to good detail for someone with a good level of understanding from which to work.
Once you get through those excellent recommendations on the basic
books, you may want to look into the more advanced tomes that may be
of some help to you in the not to distant future. You may even find a
few of these listed...a bit tattered and on Audiogon:

"Stop Obsessing!: How to Overcome Your Obsessions and
Compulsions" (Revised Edition)
by Edna B. Foa, Reid Wilson, Robert R. Wilson

"The Universal 12-Step Program: How to Overcome Any Addiction
and Win"
by Kenneth Peiser, Martin Sandry Ph.D.

Inside Music: How to Understand, Listen To, and Enjoy Good Music
by Karl Haas

While Zspradlin's suggestion on The Master Handbook of Acoustics is a very good one, you may want to start out with something a little more accessible -- "Sound Studio Construction on a Budget". F. Alton Everest wrote both.
Marco, great suggestions, especially the third one: Enjoying music is what this is all about. On a side note, I'm not sure I want to overcome my obsession/addiction; it's too much fun ;-)
I have the Master Handbook of Acoustics and while it is very good it is extremley complex. I would highly reccomend The Complete Guide to High End Audio.
good one Marco....that be the truth....
Marco - I laughed so hard when I saw your recommendations - so true.. I think I need help.
just ordered the Karl Haas book, from Funny though. Cost $3.75 used and $3.50 to ship. Go figure. Sounds like a good read. Read Harley's book cover to cover. What audiophool hasn't. That was a good audio read. peace, warren
Glad my contributions were appreciated by those seasoned hams among
us. But what about those who haven't had the benefit of such sage
guidance, or just haven't had the strength to act on it? Here's a few
suggestions for those who've gone past the point of no return:

Credit After Bankruptcy: A Step-By-Step Action Plan to Quick and
Lasting Recovery after Personal Bankruptcy
by Stephen Snyder

Families in Perpetual Crisis
by Richard Kagan, Shirley Schlosberg

Surviving Separation and Divorce
by Loriann Hoff Oberlin


If I ever stop laughing I have a library to add to.

Reading the Karl Hass book. Dry as a day in the Gobi. Some interesting stuff, though. Still have a ways to go.