Know anything about, Immedia Turntables

Does any member know anything about Immedia RPM-1 or RPM-1S
turntables.Are they a good buy or not.

Thank You

I have not used their product, but I have heard from knowledgeable people that their turntable and arm is of excellent quality. I do know that Immedia, the company, will provide excellent support of their products. If you are shopping in that price range, you might also investigate the Basis line of turntables. I've owned 4 of their products and love their quality, performance, excellent support, tweak free nature, and problem-free reliability.
The designer of the Immedia was the designer behind the sota turntables. He beleives in mass and layers of diffferent materials that cancell out each others vibrations. I beleive that the arm may be better than the turntable. IMO I think it is a good buy.
I have one of their first turntables, which I use with the ET-2 arm. It is a very good table. Customer service is excellent. I had the screws come loose on the motor mount (unknown to me at the time, it was just making a scraping/rattling noise) and they fixed that and upgraded the table at no charge. That was around 11-12 years ago. No problems since.