Klyne with Clayton or Berning?

I'm getting preamp fever. Currently using a First Sound and switching it between the amplifiers. I'm tired of switching and need a phono stage as well. I'm thinking that a solid state pre is probably better with the Clayton 100's and wondered if anyone had tried the Klyne/Clayton combination. Just for grins what about a Klyne/Berning combo?
Supratek/Clayton is working just great for me,
I got music courtesy to Supratek and SS punch courtesy to Clayton :)
I went through a BAT VK-31SE, Threshold T2, Mark Levinson 38S, Krell KRC-HR, VAC Renaissance Mk II, Conrad Johnson Premier 16LS mk II and a BAT VK-50SE while I owned my pair of Clayton Audio M-100's. Of all these preamps, I preffered the BAT's. The 31SE was a bit more dynamic and powerful, the 50SE was a bit warmer and fuller.
FWIW, I camethisclose to trying a Klyne 7LX-3.5B also, but the timing and finacing didn't quite work out. Alas, I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Dont know of anyone using the Klyne-Berning, but I had the First Sound + Berning, and it was pretty killer. Other have had success with Berning plus: CAT, Joule Electra, Supratek, Tron, andf Audio Note (UK).

If you ever do put Klyne+Berning together, pls be sure to tell us how it sounds!
Is Clayton still in business?
When I last asked a St. Louis dealer several months ago, Clayton was indeed still in business. However, I haven't had any direct contact with the Company.
The M-100s would be a fine combination with the Klyne.

The M-100s are articulate, yet have delicate micrcodynamics, low volume resolution...solid state detailed bass, no blurriness, neutral, transparent, vivid and life-like colors and timbres. It accurately handles the timbral extremes with aplomb.

Clayton Audio also produces a bigger brother to the M-100, the True Balanced S-2000 with 300 wpc at $8,800.00. It is like 4 M-100s inside a single taller amp. It has a toggle switch to allow you to use it in single ended or balanced output modes and give you the correct connections.

Best regards and good listening,

I use a modified Klyne 5A that Stan modified himself as my phono stage. I run it into my Adcom 750 and it sounds just fine. When I finaly get a pair of VTL Mono blocks I'll break out my VTL Ultimate pre amp and run the Kyne through it. The Klyne is very detailed but lacks warmth and i think it would have the best of both worlds runned through tubes.I can adjust it to almost any load.