Klyne vs Krell pre-amps, which is sounds better?

I have a Krell KRC-2 right now but I've been looking at the Klyne 7LX3.5. Does anyone have any experience or advice.

I'm very happy with the Krell. I think it sounds good, and is very easy to use. I'm just looking for something better.
Stan Klyne has been designing some of the finest preamps available for more than 20 years. While attending the monthly meetings of the Pacific NW Audio Society during the 1980's, I had the chance to hear some of Klyne's prototypes, and I was always very impressed with their design, parts quality, and sound.

The Krell unit you own is a very good one, but if you are suffering from a touch of "audiophila nervosa", then you should definitely audition the Klyne unit. For more info, you might also look at the back issues of "HiFi+" magazine (British publication), which ran a review of the Klyne "7" preamp about a year ago.
Sdcampbell how can I find HiFi+ back issues? I tried using aol search engines but came up with nothing.
Stan Klyne is a very underated legend in the land of high-end audio. He builds accurate, tonally neutral sounding, very dynamic, musical pre-amps. There is a reason he is still around. Once you hear a Klyne piece, the sound will stay with you even 10 years on. The only other ss preamps that I have been impressed with are YBA.
I've included the Web link to HiFi+ magazine (in the U.K.). If you look across the tool bar (about 2" below the top of the page, running from left to right), you will find a link to the back issues. Here's the link:

HiFi+ is now using an American distributor for their U.S. subscribers, but I think all of the back issues must come from England.

I have been subscribing to HiFi+ for about a year, and really like their magazine. Great art work, good reviews, and very useful comments/ratings of both popular and classical music. The magazine is heavily tilted toward tube gear, as well as the British market, but I still look forward to each new issue.
Klyne is very good gear. It is one of the few brands that you can pick any product from their line and not go wrong. Can you say "musical accuracy" ??? : ) Sean
Sean, I tried once but I bit my tongue and haven't done it since.
There are also many Krell preamps better than the KRC2:
---I am not as knowledgeable about the KAV line.

I have looked for a KRC-HR or a KRC but haven't found what I wanted. I don't think the KRC-3 is as good as the KRC 2, I would not swap mine in a even trade!

That wasn't really the question though. I have heard some of those pre-amps, and I want to know how they compare to the Klyne which I have not heard.