Klyne Preamps

I've just bought a Klyne 6LX3 preamp online, which I have not yet received. I probably didn't do as much research as I should have before buying it, and this model doesn't appear on the Klyne website.

The current models appear to be the 6LE and 7LX. Is the 6LX an earlier version of the 7LX, or one of the current 6 series?

If it is one of the "lesser" System 6 preamps, how do System 6 preamps compare with System 7 preamps?
CALL Stan he will give you all the information
you desire. Just Google Klyne Audio Arts for his
number. All I can say is the MC stage in Klyne
pre's are one of the best and revealing I have
ever heard.
You can't go wrong with a Klyne preamp. That said, your 6LX3 is an earlier version of the 6 series units from Klyne. The 7 series is more expensive, the 6 series are more affordable. Just as with any other line, you have to pay a lot more money for small improvements. Whether the price is worth it to you or not is up to each individual.

I agree with Qdrone, Klyne phono stages are something special.
I just bought a used SK6 without an owner's manual so I can't make phono settings. Klyne Audio Arts does not respond to email of phone messages. Can you help me?