Klyne Preamp ?

how is the klyne line stage?
what is the sound of one klyne clapping?
Klyne makes amazing preamps and the best phono preamps. My friend is using the KLYNE 7LX3.5 preamp with a White Audio B300 Amp. The 7LX3.5 sounds so quiet and smooth. The preamp below that, is the 6LE 3.5 and that replaced the
6LE 3.3. These are 2 great preamps. Klyne made the SK5A preamp in the mid 80s, which was one of the best preamps
Stephen Sondheim: "Send in the Klynes"
In a word, I think the Klyne preamps are "stellar". Stan Klyne's products are superbly built and offer the highest quality audio reproduction.
From my experience I can write some lines about that.

Who makes good preamps ? I think, a few people who don't play the "new-breakthrough-model-every-year" game. These guys are more intelligent than the others, or ? Well, before this one I used Jeff Rowland Preamp ( also excellent ) but with this one I found my private sonic satisfaction. Some words to the ' Sound ' of this Preamp: Short Version: " Naturalness "

Longer Version: Nothing in my opinion ( Phono Preamp, too ) I' ve auditioned at lenght equaled the Klynes' see-right-through-'em-as-if-they're-not-even-in-the-system-invisibiltiy. I always wanted romance and warmth come from my music, not from my system, and that's exactly what the Klyne's do best. They are remarkable free of grain. There is no dust, smoke, haze, or fog clouding the window on sound. There is not even any glass in the pane. After listening to and through the Klyne's, other preamps seem a bit smudgy, making it harder to see through the air to grasp the details of the objects in the picture. I'd like to hear that last little bit of the dynamic continuousness which is here offered. The sound of the Klyne 7 Preamp is as natural as breathing. Superb.
Do you guys remember the Klyne SK2A ? It was a great head amp. I always regretted not buying it. Then, after looking for one for years, I spotted one on Audiogon. I agreed with the seller on a price, then he would not return my emails or calls - I needed his address to send him the money....the slimeball sold it to someone else who offered him more money. The search continues....
Eine Klyne Nachtspreamp
I have had the 7 series line and phono stages and they are 2 of the best pieces of gear I've ever had. Thomasheisig's description is right on, these are transparent, stay out of the way pieces, utterly invisible in the signal path. Stan doesn't have the propensity as some to change every 3 mo's with upgrades etc, and you'll not find a nicer guy or better support. Klynes are one of the best kept secrets in audio. You MAY find better, but not remotely close to this price range.
I am not all too familiar with Klyne, but I did have a weekend audition of a second hand Klyne preamp. I don't remember what model # it was, because it was too long ago. Anyways, I was comparing this preamp to a second hand Nakamichi CA-7A, and my amp was a Nakamichi PA-5mk2. I had better results using the Klyne than the Nakamichi, but the Klyne was twice the price. The Klyne also had a external power source, which the Nakamichi did not. I am currently using the Nakamichi with a Mapleshade Doublehelix power cord, which greatly improved every sonic attributes of the NAK. If my memory serves me correctly, the Klyne is a very musical solid state preamp that offers extremely clean build quality, excellent materials and workmanship from every knob to tiffany rca connections. I would say the Klyne sound is more relaxed,mellow without being on the warm side, while the Nakamichi's sound is more controlled, punchier, which works great with my KEF 103/4 speakers which needs a lil added punch.