Klyne pre-amps, any experience out there?

I have seen and heard good things about some of the Klyne pre-amps but I don't know where to audition them. Are they worth it?

Any advice?
I have been a real fan of Klyne preamps since the mid-1980's, when Stan used to infrequently attend meetings of the Pacific NW Audio Society. He would sometimes bring a prototype of the next preamp that he was designing, and the quality of the internal parts and the assembly was always very impressive. All of the Klyne preamps that I've heard over the past 15+ years have been excellent, and in the right system they compete with the very best high-end SS preamps being manufactured.
I've owned several. They were always among the best I auditioned, and Stan Klyne is one of those manufacturers it is simply a pleasure to deal with.
Had one a regretted letting it go,one of the best sounding solid state pres.Goes well with Threshold amps.
I have spent nearly two years with the Klyne 7LX3.5b and I have to say that this is really a great product. I find it to be much more musical, less analytical than the Krells that I owned prior to the Klyne.

The Klyne has less of the solid state edge that certain people typically associate with non tube gear. It might be the right product for someone who is interested in more of a tube sound with less of the negetive things associated with tubes.

The focus seems to be more on the music and less on the details that make up the music, if that makes any sense. I just thought I'd upgrade this for the sake of anyone thinking about the Klyne product.
Just to balance things out, I had one for a while and didn't care much for it. And Mr. Klyne never responded to any of my emails.