Klyne power amp

Hello, new member here. Does anyone know if Klyne Audio plans to produce a power amp to compliment their pre-amp line? It's mentioned on the website and I've e-mailed them but have not received a reply. Are they still in business?
Someone seems to ask this every 10 years or so.
Yes :-)
The Klyne Preamps have a brilliant feature, 2 adjustable Gain Potis. You can use any amp perfectly with it. A Klyne amp would make no sense.

Stan Klyne's PreAmps are among the finest ever produced

Hmmm-- producing a Power Amp at this stage?

I would think at his age sinking a Pina Colada in The Keys would be more

on his mind--Ha!

I have a Klyne series 7.3 pre and I love it.
I just had a conversation with my dealer and he states Klyne is much lower profile these days, I do not know if Stan is even making preamps anymore. I do not think there will ever be a power amp. My hotrodded Eagle 4 power amp mates very well with the Klyne 7.
I saw a prototype amp he made at CES, I think it was 1997. He was using his preamp, timbre dac, and ESP Concert Grand Speakers. He never put this production.