Klyne experiences - cable, flotation pad, etc

Hi dear Klyne user,

next days i will get my 7LX/P 3.5.3 and would like to ask you for your experiences with
- different mains cable (XLO should be recommended amongst other)
- verious Flotation Pad set up, with or without, 3, 4 or 5 balls, neoprene or Iso ball (there should be two different hardness)
- other feets
- tables and bases

Have someone experiences with a Klyne Phono (7LX/P or 7PX) in combination with Dynavector XV-1s and Lyra Helikon Mono, as i use now?
Which position of the phonostage do you prefer?

Thanks very much
Maybe i can get back to this question, as, some months after the sale of above mentioned 7LX/P3.5.3, now i´ll have a 7LX/P 5 B.
Any advices?