Klyne 7 Phono with Bent NOH TVC

I recently went down the passive route and changed my Tube phono/line pre for a Bent Audio NOH and am now looking for a good phonostage such as the Klyne.

Has anyone had this combination or had an opportunity to listen to one?

The low 300R output impedance and high gain of the Klyne phono stage would appear to be a good match for a passive pre. You'll have a harder time finding a tube phono stage with low enough output Z to work well without additional buffering.
I was owned a Klyne Phono section..In my limited amateurish experience..it is one of the best phono I ever had..Neutral, accurate..natural..
Don't know the Klyne, but my EAR 324 phono works fine with my Bent NOH.
Thank you Dgarretson, Umaasa and Peterb for your kind advice.

Just as a follow up for someone else's benefit.

I did get the Klyne 7PX and it mated well with the Bent NoH TVC.