Klyne 6PE: comments ?

I (relatively) seldom see feedbacks on Klyne products, though thye're always very positive.
what about a Klyne 6PE ? is there anybody out there who can describe and "review" this phono stage ?
I owned a Klyne 7PX5.0, it was the best phono stage that I ever owned. Wonderful balance of reesolution and musicality. Klyne preamps are extremely hard to find on the used market, and they sell in the blink of an eye. If you get a chance, pounce on one.
I owned a Klyne 7PX3.5.5 for many years and it was superior to nearly anything I knew. Really, really good. Klyne never gave them to reviewers, he simply was not mad to be a part of that kind of business.
The 6PE is also a very good one, simply a step below the t series. It is not the typical dry transistor sound Pass delivers for example, Klyne is one of the very, very few who closed the gap between transistor and tube sound.
The 6 is also adjustable got many cartridges and is one of the very, very, very few which can be adjusted to 47kΩ without the usual dead and boring sound most serve when they are used with that load (=no damping, you hear the cartridge the way it was designed).
Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I was still bemoaning having to trade in my Shindo Aurieges-L as part of a major set of upgrades to my reference system when I happened upon a museum-quality 6LE/P for sale. And yes, I did pounce on it! I am still getting a handle on its sonic character, but at this point, I can say without hesitation that it is both excellent as a line stage and phono stage. I agree with Jmcgrogan2 - both the line stage and its phono section provide a wonderful balance of resolution and musicality. The overall sound is not quite solid state to my ears. There is almost a tube quality to what I am hearing thus far.
What about dymanics and details ?
Dynamics and detail are very good, but they are not what sets the Klyne apart from the rest. It's the microdynamics, or inner detail in the midrange that stands out and has more tube like midrange resolution. I have owned phono stages with more detail (Walker Audio) and more macrodynamic slam (BAT, Krell). However, as I said in my first post, the Klyne was the best overall phono stage that I ever owned. I've heard many great things about the new Allinic H3000, but I haven't had a chance to listen to one yet.
I like a certain warmth, but not too much; I like a rich and full sound, not thin as for some (not all) SS amps.
But I'm not a tube guy, not full tube at least: I also look for details, dynamics, clarity, bass articulation, a certain slam, a vivid (not cold or brilliant), complete (no or just slight roll off) sound.
For example, I own and love an ARC 100.2 power amp.

Do you think the 6PE could be what I'm looking for ?
I've found a used one but I cannot audition it before buying
As an ARC fan, maybe the Klyne is not for you. I've owned a ARC Ref 3 preamp, and it was a bit thin for my tastes, though very detailed. I prefer more of the VAC tube sound. You might prefer the Walker Audio phono preamp, that is the most revealing, articulate and high resolution that I have heard in a phono stage. I owned the Signature version.

I can't say that I am exactly sure what you are looking for though. From all of the gear I've heard, one sacrifices bass slam for bass articulation, they do not go hand in hand. Just as one sacrifices musicality for resolution. They are mutually exclusive, most folks try to find the balance that suits their tastes the best.
"They are mutually exclusive,..."

mmm.... I disagree ;)

"...most folks try to find the balance that suits their tastes the best."

but that's undoubtly true: I'm wondering if the Klyne could be "my" balance point.
04-03-13: Daniele_g
"They are mutually exclusive,..."

mmm.... I disagree ;)

I know many who do. Some feel that you can have it all. In over 35 years of listening, I've yet to hear the yin and the yang extremes in one system. I've heard many systems with extreme yin, and many with extreme yang, most are somewhere in between.

"...most folks try to find the balance that suits their tastes the best."

but that's undoubtly true: I'm wondering if the Klyne could be "my" balance point

Unfortunately, the only one who can answer that is you. There is no harm in doing your due diligence and trying to ask for guidance, but no one here will truly understand your musical tastes or understand your system synergy. Many here try to help, and over the years I have found some suggestions helpful, and others not so helpful.

In the end, it's your money and your decision. I can see no harm in trying a Klyne if you can find one, they are easy to sell if you don't like it.
The problem is generally, that most do not understand what their System does. They compensate it with the hope to find a unit which was MSRP $40.000,-- for $2500,-- WITH great reviews AND a lot of thumbs up in forums.
Unfortunately this is very rare :-)
Top Phonostages are very rare, no matter how many there are out there. When you don't know what to do, go for a Wheat, each of them is Reference, Signature, Super Signature, Reference Signature and - of course - always ultimate. More than that, a Game changer. :-)
Syntax, I'm only asking informed technical comments, that's what a hifi related forum is all about.
I know that "Reference" or "Limited edition" will not tell me about the peculiarities of an amp and if it matches my tastes, but neither "really, really good" does :-)
Well, guys, you convinced me in the end.
I took it; when it comes I'll let you know my opinion, if you will.

"The cup was filled and I shall drink" (J.Brahms)
Congrats! Please keep us posted on your findings.

Have you had a chance to listen to your new Klyne? How do you like it? May I ask how much these are going for on the used market now-a-days?

I remember hearing a Klyne (can't remember the exact model anymore) many years ago at my favorite audio dealer.... it left an outstanding and lasting impression on me, especially for being solid state.

I hope it is everything you want it to be and more!

I've been listening to the Klyne for some days, now, but up to date it's been a struggle against hum. I live very near one of the italian TV broadcasting main stations and I've constant trouble with that. Now it looks like I've won the battle if not the war, by separating and twisting all the cables and looking for the right position and... well, that kind of things that put you off the idea of listening... :(
but now it's over or so it seems.
Well, and how does it sound ? Er... I must confess it seems a little (or more than a little) 'rolled off' in the trebles.
Great for all the rest.
I've found it at a very good price, i.e. about 900€, but I live in Europe (very different market from USA) and the unit was not born at 220V but it was modded by someone -and that reduces price (though I must tell that the seller didn't tell me, and had I known it before I would not buy it, regardless of price). So I don't know if that helps you, sorry...
04-02-13: Daniele_g
For example, I own and love an ARC 100.2 power amp.

04-02-13: Jmcgrogan2
As an ARC fan, maybe the Klyne is not for you. I've owned a ARC Ref 3 preamp, and it was a bit thin for my tastes, though very detailed.

04-26-13: Daniele_g
Well, and how does it sound ? Er... I must confess it seems a little (or more than a little) 'rolled off' in the trebles.

I must say that I am not surprised. I've always found that ARC gear tilts up the emphasis in the treble region. I am not a fan of ARC gear. That's why they make so many different flavors. :)
Well, in these days I'm listening very much to vinyl (my CDP is getting jealous) and maybe it's not a roll off in the treble, maybe it's the Klyne's presence in the bass region that gave me that first sensation on the treble. My goodness, does the Klyne delivers bass !
Maybe I just have to reset my ears, or at least accustom them to such a strength in low frequencies. I searched for slam, well I've got it.
I know that could sound like an abrupt change of mind in only two days, but as I said before, the first days since I got the phono stage, it was more a struggle against hum (now won) than listening, so my latest post was just about my first "real" listening impressions.
And these are not my definitive impressions... I'll keep on listening.
Well again, the Klyne bass 'emphasis' is all in comparison to the ARC sound. As I said previously, I've owned a ARC Ref 3, and I have a friend who just bought a used ARC Ref 3 a few days ago. His first impression was "where did the bass go?" I told him that the Ref 3's bass is there, but it is very tight, which makes it seem anemic compared to most other audio gear. He's buying a new set of tubes, and hoping that will help with the lack of bass problems. I have a feeling he will be selling the Ref 3 in the not too distant future. The ARC sound is loved by many, but many also do not care for it.

I found the Klyne bass solid and powerful, but not as dynamic and powerful as other brands that I've heard, or even owned. I'm sure that it sounds very powerful compared to the ARC house sound though.
Maybe, but the ARC gear is still in my set up; the Klyne tool the place of an Electrocompaniet ECP-1.
So it's not exactly a comparison "before ARC - affer ARC", it's something more the Klyne adds, for good or not.
Well, these are still preliminary thoughts, I always need time to get to know well any new compoment that enters in my stereo.
Hello Daniele_g,

I appreciate you taking the time to tell us your impressions of the Klyne. I'm happy that you were able to sort out your hum issues! Take you time to get to know the Klyne. It's been some time since I've been able to hear one, but from my memory of it, it did more things right than not.

From what I remember, it had incredible micro dynamic shadings that really helped communicate the musical message. When listening to it, I wasn't thinking about whether it was tubed or solid state...it just played music.

I'd love to be able to spend some time with one again to see how I felt about them now.

Keep up posted as it continues to warm up and you become more accustomed to it.