klipsh scala speakers

my son likes his music loud so it can make his room shake! he's been looking at these speakers lately. there are different models of these out there! which ever model he decides to buy will he be happy with it???
Cerwin Vega's IS THE LOUD speaker for teens.!!!!  I still have mine.
405 WATT'S dual protection=Fuse and Breaker, I5" inch Monster woofers, dual midranges and horn tweeter, very high sensitivity, CLS215 is the one and you don't have to pay 10k for a system. I listen to my Khorn for a good jazz session, but when i want to BANG out the walls Vega's is the ones. Yeah Baby!!!
@audition__audio you can whine and cry all you want about how you hate Klipsch, face the fact they have a following like no other speaker manufacturer.