Klipschorn speaker set-up

I have a pair of Klipshorns from the mid-80's that I really enjoy. I set them up in the corners, naturally, in our media room. I never really thought they had the best stereo imagining until I started moving them out of the corners and into the room.

I used the Cardas room calculator to see what the recommended position was, according to his recommendation. After moving them out of the corners and closer together, they sound much better (much more focused center image).

The soundstaging still is very large and the bass response seems very good also.

Does anyone have thoughts or insight into the best position of Klipshorns (not in the corner)?

They are designed to go in the corner for the bass. You need false corners otherwise you will lose the bass response.

See this for an example.
Rob what about the corner?

Klipschorns speakers are meant for the corners and building a false wall is no solution. I have a pair of Lascala speakers I could trade with you. You have to think of the wall as the other half of the speaker enclosure. I never thought klipschorn as good home theater speakers or do well with av receivers. I have a pair of klipschorns also and from trying every angle you can think of and including false walls the best location is the corners that what they were designed for and nowhere else.

Good luck
After much thought what about the corners?

The size of the room has a lot to do with the effect more than you think, stereo is a funny squirrel burring his nuts all over your back yard. At lower volumes you probably enjoy the stereo effect more than at high volumes when at the corners. Slightly angle your K horns from the corner in either direction just a twist, see what happens. If your room is squire your speakers fire the sound into each other almost canceling and stereo effect.

The problem is the directional k400 horn and k-77 tweeter. The solution a midrange that more open like the altec Lansing 811b 511b and any other B. and a tweeter that has less forward focus.
no base response without corner set-up
"Klipschorns speakers are meant for the corners and building a false wall is no solution."

Paul Klipsch used false corners in his living room. I built a pair and they worked quite well.
Paul Klipsch used false corners in his living room. I built a pair and they worked quite well

Of course it wuill work, as the false corners will provide the necessary mouth to the folded horn for them to perform properly (of course room modes will be different so it won't sound exactly the same as in the room corners but it will work - imaging can be better too).

Tiger, ever notice that any sound science gets quickly refuted on these forums...
Thanks for the feedback. The very odd thing is that base response is quite good even when not in the corners.

Have any of you with K-Horns experimented with bringing them out of the corners and closer together for a more distinct center image?

Also, I am curious about those of you with K-horns and your opinion of imaging (and in particular the center 'stereo image').

I will post some pictures of my listening room for additional comments...thanks.

Any thoughts?
JAES Volume 7 Issue 3 pp. 106-109, 114; July 1959
That superior sound quality is afforded by corner speaker placement has been recognized for more than thirty years. Measurements and listening tests were conducted with both monophonic and stereophonic reproducing equipment to compare the performance of speakers designed for use away from a corner and for corner installation. Measurable and audible advantages accrue with corner placement of other speaker, with the greater improvement being shown by a speaker of proper design. The advantages are more easily observed for stereophonic than for monophonic reproduction.
Author: Klipsch, Paul W.
Affiliation: Klipsch and Associates, Hope, AR
I have used the false corners on two occasions when i had a room that was not suitable for corner placements. It works very well. I prefer the corner placements but mainly due to aesthetics.
To rid themselves of the hole in the middle, Klipsch made a speaker called the LaScala that was designed to be placed flat against the wall between the 2 K-horns and that ran a combined mono singnal.