KLIPSCHORN AK6 advice/opinions?

Anyone own the current version of the KLIPSCHORN AK6? If you bought them and moved on, I'm curious why and if you have them now, please tell me how you like/love them. 

I had the Cornwall 3 and miss them. I still have various Klipsch bookshelf speakers but I'm very curious about the KLIPSCHORN AK6.

Thank you very much in advance.

OMG!!!! I've wanted them forever but never could get it all together. That's a new video. Will that actually be a production speaker? That's awesome! I will say I probably don't have the space but I'll need to find out more about these Jubilee speakers.

As far as I know the new Jubilee will be a production speaker but slated for sometime this summer.

If you do decide to go for a Klipschorn AK6 these guys have great pricing and shipping. Cory and Steven