KLIPSCHORN AK6 advice/opinions?

Anyone own the current version of the KLIPSCHORN AK6? If you bought them and moved on, I'm curious why and if you have them now, please tell me how you like/love them. 

I had the Cornwall 3 and miss them. I still have various Klipsch bookshelf speakers but I'm very curious about the KLIPSCHORN AK6.

Thank you very much in advance.
@ozzy62 has had several Klipsch speakers including Klipschorn, just not sure if he’s had the current Klipschorn. I know he has Cornwall IV’s that are killer.

I was watching a few YouTube videos on the new Khorns. Loved what was being shown.

The CW IV make much more sense but I tend to go overboard. 
As mentioned above, I did have 1976 klipschorns and loved them. They were placed on a 15.5 ft wall and ultimately I didn’t feel like I was getting the most out of them because I either had to sit too close or too far away to get things just right. I replaced them with Spatial Audio X3s which were very good but I did miss the big horns. So I bought the Cornwall IVs which I do think work better in my room.

That said, the AK6 with the enclosed backs should work in a variety of spaces and I would love to hear a pair.


OMG!!!! I've wanted them forever but never could get it all together. That's a new video. Will that actually be a production speaker? That's awesome! I will say I probably don't have the space but I'll need to find out more about these Jubilee speakers.