KLIPSCHORN AK6 advice/opinions?

Anyone own the current version of the KLIPSCHORN AK6? If you bought them and moved on, I'm curious why and if you have them now, please tell me how you like/love them. 

I had the Cornwall 3 and miss them. I still have various Klipsch bookshelf speakers but I'm very curious about the KLIPSCHORN AK6.

Thank you very much in advance.
I owned Khorns for about 8 years beginning in 1975, so not the current version, but then again, the differences are not staggering. I also owned Cornwall II's for a number of years. so I can make a useful comparison.
In brief, the Cornwalls, although very dynamic and satisfying, will never match the frightening dynamic range of the Khorns. They are majestic and in a class of their own in this way. Their bass isn't the deepest, but it's damn impressive for 95% of music. 
Coherence could be better, and in this way, I felt that the Cornwalls had them beat. Placement is also an issue of course, and you need to have a room that will accommodate their placement needs, and a long wall is preferred. I think that if you like your bass a little punchier, you will prefer the Cornwalls, and they're hardly a compromise. They're great in their own rite. 
 That said, I think that the Khorns are in a class by themselves, and     any audiophile or music lover would be pleased to have them as part of their journey, if not the destination.    
@ozzy62 has had several Klipsch speakers including Klipschorn, just not sure if he’s had the current Klipschorn. I know he has Cornwall IV’s that are killer.

I was watching a few YouTube videos on the new Khorns. Loved what was being shown.

The CW IV make much more sense but I tend to go overboard.