klipsch vs paradigm vs bryston vs classe?? Help

Hey audiogoners! Just a question. I wanted some opinions on what im planning to do for my next few purchases. You guys can mix and match, or just tell me what you think of these ideas
System 1: classe cap151 (father owns cap150 and its great for the money) paired with classe cdp-10) for 2,000 bucks used you could have some great sounding electronics.
Speakers would be klipsch palladium p-17's bookshelfs. 2,500
speakers would be pair of jl fathom f112's. 4,000

System 2: bryston b100 sst 3,000
bcd 1 player 2,000
paradigm signature s2 version 3 2,500
pair of jl fathom f112s 4,000

system 3: bryston 4bsst2 3,000
bp 26 pre 2,750
bcd 1 2,000
paradigm sig s8 v3 6,000.

Im in love with fathoms, but I want my stereo to be able to reach very high dbs when called upon, Im not sure if these high end bookshelfs with subs can keep up with the s8's. Thoughts?? however ive been told monitors have something special they can do as far as imaging etc. Combined with that and the "range" of the subs and you've got one killer system. Ive been a long time paradigm lover and grew up on my dads cap150. For the money this is what im interested in. I tried to keep prices fairly close together with some extra money being spent on electronics, 2 monitors (horn vs berry tweeter) and then just big floor standers. From what little ive heard of bryston i loved it, and you cant beat the warranty. Let me know what you guys think! I listen to r&b, rock, metal, some country and oldies once in a great while.
I own Paradigm Sig 8 v2. IMHO, an under-appreciated tremendous audio bargain in audiophile land. Check my posts where I listed a web site that ranked the top 25 speakers. The S8s came in at number 7!! Pretty impressive when you consider the competition.