Klipsch vs. Dynaco A25

Putting together a vintage system with an Marantz 2230 receiver or possibly a McIntosh MC2505/MX113 amp/preamp. I'm wondering which speakers, Klipsch Heresy or Dynaco A25 would be the best way to go without a sub, though I'd like some decent bass. I listen to classic rock, 70s R&B and Cat Stevens-type stuff in a small to midsize living room. I'm open to other speaker suggestions, but I'd like to buy used and under $800.
I like both speakers. The Dynaco's sound musical with any associated equipment. The Heresy's are very transparent but require careful matching (they like tubes) and they can sound lean in the bass. Neither is noted for great bass like the large Advent was. Polk Monitor 10s can rock and have plenty o' bass.

If I had $800 for used full range used speakers I would look at Spendor, IMF, B&W, ADS. You could also get new Magnepan MMGs in you budget range.
Thanks folks. Lots of good info. I didn't know the Klipsch would benefit from extra power to drive the woofer. I'll have to also reread about the Advents and look up the Polk Monitor 10.
I don't know much about the Dynaco's but I do know the Heresy's(I,II,III)do not dip down much below 60hz. May I suggest a pair of Forte's(I or II). With them you get great dynamics, match well with tubes, vintage look, and used prices from $400.00 to $600.00. They also have nice bass down to the low 30hz.

What kind of amplification works well with the Forte's?
I have an Onkyo TX-SR705 as my preamp with a 200w B&K 3 channel powering my Forte's. I think they sound great together but a friend of mine is bringing over his vintage tube amp for a demo soon. He says I will be blown away by the crispness and accuracy of tubes with Forte's.