Klipsch VS B&W

I'm trying to decide on speaker purchase. 60/40 Music/Home Theatre I've narrowed my decision down to Klipsch Legend Series VS B&W 600 Series. Driven by a Marantz SR-8000 & later a more powerful two channel amp for the front's. KLF 20 Front's 603 S2 KLF C7 Center CC6 S2 KSP S6 Surround's 601 S2 Subwoofer to be determined at a later date. I feel the Sub is much more necessary with the B&W's than the Klipsch, so I am leaning more toward's the Klipsch. Also for music consideration's. & Dipole VS Monopole?

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Hi. I felt like I should respond because I too had narrowed my choice down to these two brands of speakers about 2 years ago. I'm not as serious an audiophile as some of the people who visit this site but I do enjoy my music and am willing to spend a few thousand on audio equipment so that I can really enjoy it. Anyway, about the speakers... Like you said, the Klipsch have a better bottom end than the B&W. It took me a while to decide but in the end, I went with my ears and bought the Klipsch. If you listen to rock/pop (pretty much anything other than classical), that bottom end from the Klipsch adds an extra dimension (and realism) to the music that I felt the B&W was lacking. The Klipsch's mids and highs are too shabby either (and I bought the KLF10s!). Also, the Klipsch's are more efficient than the B&Ws. My 100W/channel Yamaha barely gets warm when driving these speakers. Best of all, I don't need a subwoofer. When I have nothing better to do with my money, maybe I'll get one. I'm very happy with my speakers. Hope this helps. -Frank