Klipsch Vs axiom

I have a pair of axiom m-60s right now and absolutely love them. The only problem is that they are a little lacking in dynamics (i listen to mostly rock). I was thinking of "upgrading" these 6.5" woofers to something with 8" or 10" woofers. The only problem is that any true full range hi end speaker with 10 or 8 inch woofers are going to be 5k+. I wanted to keep it under $2500, and was considering klipsch rf-7s or rf-83s. Has anyone ever heard these, or compared them to any other more "high end" speakers

While Klipsch Reference series(RF-7,RF-83,etc) are not considered "high end" speakers, they do offer great dynamics,high sensitivity, and excellent bang for the buck factor. For what it's worth, the RF-7's will knock you out of your seat with 2 channel and HT. The RF-83's are nearly as dynamic with smoother mids and highs. I would recommend an amp that is on the neutral/warmer side like B&K, NAD, or Marantz to help tame the highs a bit.

Bill has it right.

Thanx, Russ
Personally, if you have the room go with a pair of Cornwalls, Belle or LaScallas instead. The Heritage series will be a more refined horn system than the RF Series. I heard the 83's and the 7's and while they were good I still prefered the sound of the LaScalas and Cornwall systems.
But if you want deep bottom end you will have to go with the RF series. Only the Cornwall or Belle Klipsch go near 35 Hz.