Klipsch-tekton -Zu

This might be a silly question but I was wondering if Tekton and Zu buyers are the same people who also like Klipsch speakers?
My answer is no. I bought Pendragons, and have never been a Klipsch fan.

I agree with Shakydeal -- I have never been a Klipsch fan either. A friend of mine had some Cornwalls years ago and they did nothing for me. I had the Pendragons and ended up keeping my Zu Omen Def speakers.
might not count for much, but i was a fan of Klipsch growing up and now own both Zu's and Tektons. Going for that live music punch kinda speaker .
I really enjoy the Klipsch and Altec speakers but don't care for the scale of the ZUs. So no, I don't think there is much cross polination, between the horn and direct radiator camps, though both are hi eff.

What's great about the hobby is that we all get to find what works best for each of us.
The reason I started this discussion is because I have owned Klipsch in the past and enjoyed listening to rock music but not much else. I found them bright and fatiging over time so I have been reading about the Zu and Tekton speakers and would like a speaker that can rock but also be very musical and detailed when called upon without being harsh.
"would like a speaker that can rock but also be very musical and detailed when called upon without being harsh."

Tekton is for you.

Actually I resemble this observation. I was into Klipsch Heritage series for a back in 2010-11. I have been reading about Zu and Tekton, wondering if these two companies 'emphasis' on dynamics was something I might like. The answer to that question is that I very much like Zu Essence. I am interested in the Pendragon SE, but the Zu fullrange driver is giving me something 'special', and I was just noticing how nice the hit on a tom tom skin sounds so true to my ear.

Another thing that I love about my pair of Essence is the simplicity of the speaker. They sound great and they only weigh 67 lbs/each, which is wonderful compared to 120 lbs each, up to 175 lbs each from my biggest speakers.
I am a Zu def owner and didn't think I cared or klipsch until I heard Triode Pete's corner horns. Hugh scale, amazing dynamics and more delicate then I expected. I do know he's put some money into upgrading them and has very good electronics though...
Wondering what Klipsch model you had that sounded bright and fatiguing. And what amp & pre amp you were using. I had Klipshorns for many years and they were bright when I had solid state amps, but sounded best with low powered tube amps. I did end up with Zu Definition 4's and love them with rock, blues and jazz.

About 20 years ago I owned and loved my Klipsch Heresy speakers when I listened to primarily rock music but since then my music tastes have grown more diversed and my hearing more in tune with the music. I ran my Heresy's with a HK pre(forgot model #) and a hafler 220 amp. I started this thread to find out if the Zu line and Tekton speakers can give me the dynamics with rock music but with a more refined sound for other genres.
Like you, my music tastes have grown more diverse. Must be an age thing LOL.
The Zu will be dynamic, more refined, and a (much) better soundstage than the Klipsch. Never heard the Tekton so I have no comment.