Klipsch subwoofers...Any good?

I’m interested in opinions of those who have actually used and compared Klipsch subwoofers to other favorites for home audio. There are $$s to be saved if these are well suited for home audio compared to say the RELs, Rhythmiks, and their ilk that get ringing endorsements for music in general.

How hard is it to make a decent subwoofer really? How bad can these possibly be? I suspect they are in fact pretty good and offer good value.

This is to replace a 90’s vintage forward firing  12" M&K subwoofer that gave up the goat finally a year or so back. I found that sub to be quite fine.

The system this will go into is currently quite fast clean and detailed down to about 60 hz or so and looking for a low end boost.
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I have heard the 10". Not sure what model but it was from the reference line. It was pretty average. I think I heard some box noise and or port noise. They were not even close to my JL E112 subs. 
I have not heard any of the current offerings but do own one of their Reference IV models RSW-10d and it is a wonderfully musical, fast, and "accurate" subwoofer.  The same can be said about the Reference II/III versions RSW10, RSW12, and RSW15.  I am using my RSW10d with a pair of Klipsch RB-75 bookshelf(if you can call 32 pounders that) speakers and the combination is nothing short of amazing.

I will say this. mk made great ones and i doubt these will be as good but i may be wrong. i also thought trump would lose

I used to sell M/K subs, REL and JL audio. REL and JL audio subs blow away M/K subs. SVS, Hsu, Rhythmik, JTR Audio and Seaton are company's you should check out before looking at Klipsch subs.
i haven't heard the current reference series but at various times owned the ksw subs, which were kinda boomy/non-musical. (i still own an old mk volkswoofer, which is excellent), i'd agree that hsu, svs, etc. would be worth looking at