Klipsch subwoofer

I bought a used KSW-12 sub from ebay (sorry, nothing on audiogon at the time). When it was delivered and I opened the box, it was actually a KSW-150. It is in good condition, and works well. Slight rattle that I have to track down if I keep it. I have my own opinion on this, but assuming I paid a fair price for a KSW-12, is the KSW-150 a step up or a step down? I mostly listen to music, including jazz and rock, but there is an occasional movie.
I found the specs for the ksw150 and sw12 (not ksw)

It appears as thought the sw-12 is slightly better. Here's what I found.

150 Watt amp
10" driver

150 Watt amp
12" driver w/passive radiator
Thanks. I have the specs - that's one thing that pushed me to the KSW-12 to start with, with 440W headroom and <1% THD. (It is KSW-12, and can be found at http://klipsch.com/product/product.aspx?cid=55&s=specs). Another factor: the KSW-150 was discontinued in 1998. The KSW-12 was a replacement and is a current product. I know that newer isn't necessarily better, but...

What I'm looking for is a more subjective comparison.