Klipsch spkrs with Atmosphere amp

How would Klipsch La Scala spkrs sound on Atmosphere OTL S30 Amplifier??
With 104 db/watt probably pretty damn good!
just be sure that the tubes are very quiet: any tube-rush noises, microphonics, are highly audible with these extremely sensitivity horns - I had to steer clear of tubes with my KHorns due the aforementioned, although many listeners prefer glassware with theirs.
A couple things I didn't like about the S-30 was the odd shape won't fit on any standard rack. I do like the looks however. Cabling is also odd in that its inputs are on the front and outputs on the back. It really needs to be placed between the speakers on a custom stand with source gear and pre-amp in front. This can take a fair amout of space in your room. Also the tubes tinkle for quite a while durring warm up. This got old after a while. Mid and top-end were fantastic. Bass was not really there, but my speakers are 89db. Ralph said I needed the 60 watt monos or bigger.
Steuspeed, the chassis of the current S-30 is similar to that of the M-60, a horizontal layout rather than the long, narrow chassis they used to use.
Steuspeed, you state:
Also the tubes tinkle for quite a while during warm up. This got old after a while.
I assume that you're talking about the noise produced by the thermal heat up of the tubes, as no "tinkling sound" should come through the speakers. I would also assume that all tube amps would make some noise during warm up, but since the Atma-sphere amps don't have covers, his sound may be more noticeable.

Never bothers me...lasts only about 1 minute or less.
Should work great. I have M-60's, but use only half the output tube complement with my 99dB Köchel K-300 horns.

I forgot the new S-30 Layout was like the M-60. I had the old S-30, cool looking amp, odd set-up.


Correct, I am talking about the thermal warm-up. I would say it took a good 15-20 minutes before the amp got quiet. It's not a deal breaker, but something to consider. For comparison, I have vintage Tiny Triodes now and I rarely ever hear them.

Glad I had mine when I did. Sold it for what I paid two years later.