Klipsch Speakers, Where Should I Look For The Best PRices

What is the best place to buy new or B stock Klipsch? I have a 5.1 setup now anchored by RF-82’s, RC-64, RS 52s and an RW12d. My thoughts are to move to 7.1 and maybe Atmos and moving the 82s to the rear and adding another amp to my Emotiva XPA-5. My Marantz pre-amp can handle up to 11.1. Speakers under consideration are Forte’s, Cornwall’s and RF-7s for the mains and Klipsch’s current 15 inch reference sub. The second amp would probably be a smaller Emotiva or an Outlaw. My music tastes are AC/DC and the like. I’m hard of hearing so efficient speakers are a must. What do you think?
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I recently bought Klipsch Heresy III and they are great speakers.   I auditioned them at a dealer and ordered them in Cherry.  They gave me a better price than any authorized dealer online.  But even if they were the same or a little less I still would have bought them locally.  Check out the Heritage at a dealer, they are great speakers for the money
The Klipsch Heritage line is much different from their tower speakers. I prefer the Heritage line for music, but for home theater impact, you're probably better off sticking with what you have.

Did you know that Klipsch now makes tower speakers specifically designed for Atmos? I believe Crutchfield sells them.
Look for stores with closeout deals on a pair of RF-7 II and matching RC64 II center. The new mkIII versions are now out so you should be able to save a lot on the discontinued model.

Those will absolutely blow away what you have now for what you are trying to achieve. It will unfortunately worsen your hearing loss however.

Also, since you say you are hard of hearing, are you sure you are good with noticing spacial cues etc from multiple locations?  Not sure if you will truly appreciate what Atmos has to offer or even 7.1 — might be better to spend that money towards better speakers, or more importantly, better subs!  (Think JL Audio)  
I second the RF-7II/RC-64II combo but you could try with your RC-64 v1 to see how well it will timbre match.  IMO, no need to swap out your RS-52 surrounds.  Definitely get a better sub than your current RW-12D.

The Heresy IIIs I recently bought were from an Ebay seller who advertised them as new with factory warranty although "open box." I actually called the guy (Nevada somewhere) and he said they were unopened but dinged boxes…free shipping so I figured I'd take the plunge for around 1500 bucks, and I wound up with a pair of "Capitol Edition" Ebony finished versions (I'd simply ordered black) that "list" for about $2500 (and they survived a corner ding on one box). Not consecutive numbers, but within' 10 numbers of each other and signed (!) by the same assembly person. They sound great by the way, and are a weird dark purple-ish hue. I like it. As of the last couple of days that seller still has them listed, in black, but no clue if you'd get the groovy "special" ones I have…as, clearly, I must be special.