Klipsch Speakers for a low power tube amp.

I have a tube amp that is rated close to 20 watts per channel, and I would like to use Klipsch speakers because of their sensitivity. Does anybody have this combo, and are they satisfied with it? I play everything on my system ranging from radio, records, and cds!
20 watts is nothing to sneeze at. Klipsch speakers like the khorns, etc. are VERY efficient and only need about 2W to get going.

In other words, with 20 watts, you have many opportunities besides Klipsch.
I've used Klipsch speakers with my 5 and 10-watt tube amps. The combination sounds good providing one likes the sound of horn speakers. I know there are some out there that don't care for the sound of horns, or Klipsch.
Cornwalls work great with 17.5 watts.
Just about any of the models and especially the most talked about models do not need even 20 watts believe it or not.. however some of the larger woofers, or Multi driver woofer klipsch models can sometimes benefit from more power simply due to having some better current running through them for better bass output and control, but they will all play plenty loud, maybe just not as deep without the higher power amps.
Are there any other makes of speakers that you know of that are 90db or better sensitivity, and are still moderately priced (Less than 6 or $700 a pair)? What concerns me about Klipsch is that when I buy them I will not know exactly what I will end up with until they are broken in, and I heard the horns could be rather harsh in the beginning when they are first breaking in!

Right now, I am using a pair of Cerwin Vega LS10 with 18 cayin amp (I know they are not Audiophile speakers), and I get the volume and the base that I want - rated at 90 db. Because of this I am thinking of taking 92 db as min. for sensitivity.

thanks for your answers so far.
Hi, I responded to another post of yours on the same subject. I was expecting the horn tweeter of the RB-81 to drive me out of the room. The speakers were bright at first but in a short while everything smoothed out and now I don't know what all the fuss was about. Other speakers I have are Proac, B&W and Dahlquist. I can say the Proac Tablettes have a more piercing treble than the Klipsch and they have silk dome tweeters.

It is my understanding that the new IV Reference series have changed the crossover to restrain the treble output somewhat.
I really have nothing to add here other then afew comments regarding Klipsch and low to flea power tube amps driving them. I remember fondly back in the early 1970s the very best and most entertaining for L.P. playback and F.M. broadcast was a pair of huge Klipsch corner horns.Such a simple system,a vacuum tube receiver Scott or Fisher and a old belt drive turntable.My buddy lived above his parents business in a huge two room loft.Party central is the best discription for his place.His system could really belt!the tunes out...Acouple of years ago I took my David Berning 1 watt per channel output transformerless tube amp down to a local Klipsch dealer. With a Denon top model c.d. player hooked direct to the Berning,the Klipsch speakers were the RF7s.Horn tweeters/midrange and two 10" woffers each.This 1 watt per channel amplifier with its own volume control drove this model of speaker at high volumes,with a fine midrange,easy on the ear treble with c.d. playback and waves of very deep base lines,base you could feel.Jazz,Big Band and Rock were played.The sales staff and owner were impressed.What promted me to take this little flea power amp down to a Klipsch dealer was a magazine reveiws of the RF7s and the Berning amp in Vacuum Tube Valley magazine.The reveiwer had on hand afew differant amps including 300Bs.The berning amp was far and away a better match up for this speaker then the other amps he had on hand.For someone looking to put a system together on a tight budget.Klipsch and tube amplifaction new or vintage will surprise even the snobs.....