Klipsch speaker choices

First post here but long time 2 channel guy. 

I currently have a system with Klipsch RF3 speakers and a crossover with stereo subs.  Sound is good but I think the highs and mids are still a bit edgy.  Bought a Schiit Aegir with passive preamp and see vast improvement.  All my interconnects and speaker wire have also been upgraded. I just listened to the RF7 iii but very briefly.  Initial impression is it was more laid back but I am wondering how that speaker sounds vs the Heritage box speakers.  I will probably listen to the Heresy 4 first but wondering if there is a difference in sound between the tower and the box speakers. 

I also have read about the Tekton speakers but am hesitant since I can't listen to them.  It is all over the place opinion wise about the Tektons.  The Klipsch Heresy are within driving distance for an audition.  They will have several models to listen to if I talk myself into going further up the cost ladder.  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. 
I bought a pair of Forte 3's in June and I love them paired with my P.S. Audio Stellar S300 amp. I like the sound so much I am trading up to the Cornwall 4 for an even fuller sound. My dealer is giving me full trade in credit.
Another possibility is the CF-4, but it has to be Version 1 or possibly Version 2, and they are of course hard to find. What ultimately stopped me was not the rarity but the difficulty of replacing something on the speaker if a part went bad.

I ultimately bought the KLF-30, if you read up people have also modified them with newer/upgraded parts, so if you get originals there is still a path to go on if something went bad.

I would have gone with the Jamo Concert 11 speakers, but the guy was out in Utah and I was in Florida, another guy had Concert 11s with the center, another good deal and I had worked out the shipping, told him I was going to buy them as soon as I arranged shipping, and then he goes and sells the center, which is a relatively small percentage of the entire deal I was working on, so the deal was no longer good. I was literally about 90 minutes from getting them, I had gotten delayed getting home. I think the Concert 11s are much better than the smaller Concert 9s, but of course they’re hard to find and hard to ship. The Jamo speakers also are 4Ω instead of 8Ω, and ultimately I didn't know how that would work with a limited power tube amp.  

I too had also looked into the Tekton speakers, theoretically they sound very interesting, but ultimately it seemed too big of a gamble, as some say they’re the ultimate and others say lesser of the speakers and the person making them. So I never truly found out about them.

The only reason I ended up with the KLF-30 set was because I found a good guy on uship who was local here in Florida who was coming back from the west coast.
" Did you know there is a Klipsch forum where good deals are posted?
Those guys don't know other brands exist. You can tag along on the
annual pilgrimage to Arkansas to pay your respects. Those folks eat, live, breathe and expel Klipsch products and tweaks. "
 Sure is and the garage sale section and the alerts section have goodies at times. Local searches on Craigslist and Letgo and Facebook Market place also have items for sale often
  We do know other brands exist and many of us have gone through a ton of them and we keep coming back to Klipsch. After a while we don't bother trying to fool with other gear because it has been disappointing too many times. You are also not going to find $45,000 speaker cable nonsense there either which is nice. Lots of hands on serious audiophiles there who can take you deeper into the science of good sound reproduction no talk about things like cable cookers and other equally silly junk unless it is ridicule. DIY forum can also help out on those legacy repair and parts problems.

  The community is one of the great things about Klipsch and you can get advice and parts to repair speakers 50 and 60 years old and some models are still in production after that much time. The only other company that comes close to supporting legacy speakers is Great Plains Audio which still produces parts for Altec speakers. The Altec JBL forum is the second biggest biggest speaker forum I know of.