Klipsch RP600 and Forte III owners, listen up!

I have talked about Danny Richie and his GR Research products before, holding both in very high regard (I’m not alone in that). Ron of New Record Day has been posting on You Tube a series of fantastic Tech Talk Tuesday videos Danny has made, wherein he expounds upon the subject of his life’s work, loudspeaker design. They are all well worth your time, and his latest video will be of particular interest to owners of Klipsch RP600 or Forte III speakers.

On of Danny’s services is the evaluation of any loudspeaker sent to him by a potential customer, for possible upgrading. A while back he had the RP600 sent to him, and after a thorough going through, Danny identified areas that could be improved, and failings that could be corrected. He put together an upgrade kit, which he sells, discussed at the beginning of this video. In one of his previous videos, Danny describes in detail the nature of the upgrade.

This newest video contains a conversation between Danny and a GR Research customer (Tyson, a frequent contributor on the AudioCircle GRR Forum) concerning the evaluation process the two did of Tyson’s Forte III’s, which he drove to Danny’s place in Texas. If you own Forte III’s, or think you might be interested in getting a pair, you NEED to watch this video!