Klipsch RF7 upgrade / modification

Does anyone have detailed information on which capacitors and resistors to change in a RF-7 crossover. I understand capacitors made by Auricaps or Kimbers and Janzten CrossCap capacitors are good options. Also can anyone let me know the retailer with the best pricing for these items.

Check out the forum at Klipsch.com for your answers.
Check with Agon member Wings he moded his RF-7 X-overs
Look up Sonic Craft on the net. call them and ask for Jeff, their tech. They carry all the best parts at very good prices, and he will tell you what to do - no BS.
Thanks to everyone that responds. I really appreciate your input.

DeanG on teh Klipsch forum has an upgrade that ismore than just caps. Try contactign him.
Yeah. Someone do this(these?) mod(s), and let us know how it turns out!
I'm always up for mod'ing some otherwise good performing horn speaker, that might hopefully end up with a more audiophile grade performance upgrade, sure.
Horns = solid dynamic HT speakers!
Just Curious on the outcome of this upgrade?
I haven't got to the project yet. Maybe in a couple of months. I will post when and if I complete.