Klipsch RF62 vs Def Tech BP7004?

I am posting this for a friend of mine, he have a funky layout for his listening room, so he is wondering a pair of Klipsch RF62 or RF82 with Klipsch RT-10D corner-designed sub or should he consider a speaker with a built-in sub like Definitive Technology BP7004? His room is carpeted 23' wide x 16' D with multiple openings and windows - he will mainly use this as a HT/Music 60%/40% (music: rock and Jazz) - Your help willl be greatly appreciated! He asked me and I'm stumped... I never demoed the Def Tech, I'm just a little leary about built in sub inside a speaker cablinets.... Any thoughts/ideas? Thanks again...
I have not heard the Klipsch subwoofers, but for a HT set-up I don't think your friend will be disappointed with the Def-Techs. Their built in subs are great, and the rest of the speaker does not disappoint either. Not the most extended highs however, athough MY experience with the Klipsch I've heard is that they tend to be a bit bright. I have had about 10 Def-Tech speakers (6 with built in subs, former flagship BP3000, BP2006, BP2002)and feel they are a great value.

Hope this helps-
I've had those BP 7004's and I thought they were great speakers. Very dynamic, the built in subs were fantastic on movies. All in all a fantastic, easy to drive speaker. With a good reciever it's an excellent and satisfying setup.

I have not liked any of the Klipsch I have heard outside of their Heritage series, which is still stellar.

Good luck.
Is there any other floorspeakers out there with built-in amp/subwoofer? I'm also thinking of this avenue myself? Cost-effective and room space....
Definitive makes great speakers if you just want to have fun and not take yourself or the hobby too seriously. I just bought a pair of BP7000SC's to use in a *gasp* 2 channel system. I haven't even gotten a chance to hook them up yet but I expect them to do just fine and be able to move a lot of air, which is what I want.