Klipsch RF-7 II VS Paradigm Studio 60 V.5

Can't decide between these speakers. I did a search of Paradigm dealers in my area and it seams like they are all A/V installer who doesn't stock models plus you have to make an appointment. The same thing with Klipsch, It's only shows Best Buy as the dealer and they don't even sell the reference series. I have all kinds of amp solid states and tubes so matching either speaker is not a problem. It will be used for 80% music and 20% watching movies. I don't like very detailed speakers and speakers that needs everything to be perfect to sound good, I'm done with that audio fool thing. I prefer neutral, transparent with tight bass. I used to have Studio 60 V.2 long time ago and I kind of like it. Can't find much review of the Klipsch RF-7 II and it seems like only Klipsch fanatic talk about it. I need to hear from you guys any opinions you want to share.
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The Klipsch RF-7II's are so new that the jury is still out. One thing I am hearing consistantly is that Klipsch has addressed(mid/high fatigue) the issues/complaints that the DeanG crossover upgrade has been correcting for the original RF-7's. Many new owners(some first time Klipsch) are blown away by the smoothness of them but also the fact that they are retaining the "in your face" quality that many enjoy from the original RF-7's. They have been described as having the smoothness of the RF-83's with the "knock you back in your seat" impact of the RF-7's.

I would love to have a pair but am completely happy with my RF-63's.

I would consider the size and accoustics of your room when deciding between these two. Other than that I personally would go with the Klipsch. I love their efficiency and how well they sound with tube amps. They are known for their home theater impact. I have owned RF63 and thought they were great, amazing treble. If the RF 7II is even better you will not be unhappy. I currently use Cornwall III for music. I am very familiar with Paradigm having owned Studio 60v2, Studio 100v3 and my home theater is studio 60v1, 20v1 and cc490. I also by the way liked the 60 V2 and regreted selling them.
I think both speakers are amazing buys. Personally though, I would spend under 1k and get some real wood Paradigm 100 V2's, or 40 v2's (Got my V2 40's like new- used for $450 shipped!) with a sweet sub with the extra saved from new V5's! I still think V2 were Paradigms best studio model. I lost interest in Paradigm after hearing V3 & V4 with what I felt to be a step back in some key areas while boosting prices pretty steep IMO. IMO the V2's were not as harsh or shrill(unless using poor gear) as newer digms.