Klipsch Refernce Series Bookshelf

I am considering getting new bookshelf speakers for our 2-channel system which is in a mid sized room. Currently we have Altec Lansing 101 bookshelf speakers. We listen to a broad mix but alot of our music is Rock and Blues oriented but we are starting to listen to more Jazz and Classical. I am wondering if the Klipsch Reference speakers are an option for a music 1st system. Our budget is $500 or less. What other options might be worthwhile?
The reference Klipsch bookshelves put out a lot of sound for a small speaker. In my experience most people use Klipsch reference primarily for movies. If you like rock music and blues they should do pretty well. Since it is a music only system, and the Klipsch reference series tends to be a little on the bright side (due mainly to the titanium compression tweeter and the Tactrix horn). These may not be the exact speaker to look into if you are into Jazz and Classical. For a purely music 2-channel system I would look into Paradigm's Monitor series. Under $500 I would go with either the Mini Monitors or the Monitor 3's. The Monitor 3's have a larger midrange driver so you may get a little more midbass out of them. All around a good sounding speaker especially for a primary music system. Definitely give them a listen before you decide. The paradigms have a much warmer sound, and the tweeter, I believe is crossed over at 2kHz so that gives you a little nicer midrange separation. I hope this has helped.
Klipsch Heresy's (used) are in your price range and worth a demo.
I think the Klipsch Reference line is aweful. They sound thgin, bright and unmusical. Try www.roleaudio.com kayaks.