Hello.  Anybody using these?  Impressions, associated equipment?  What would you compare these to?   I've never heard a pair of KLIPSCH, ever.  For your reference, I have the tiny Andrew Jones Pioneers and an old pair of B&W DM302 Thanks!

Anybody?  anyone?  no klipschers here?


Never really heard the smallish R-41M, except in a huge Best Buy showroom, and that did no justice.  Many a Klipsch have passed through my hands and currently own several.  Their true Reference(not current Best Buy versions) really pack a punch for their size and does not take much power to drive the well.  No in home experience with these Best Buy models so really can't say how well they perform.  I have read that they are pretty decent for their price.


Thanks Bill.  I saw them advertised at Costco and caught my interest but wanted to get thoughts first, of course.  I've been on a bookshelf kick lately.  I can't believe how good some of these tiny things sound. 
Again, thanks.

You want the ultimate Klipsch "bookshelf" speakers, get a pair of these.


I have owned a pair in cherry for at least 4 years and they are not leaving my house.

If that is a stretch, look at used RB-61s, RB-51s, or new RP-600Ms.


OK, let's take a look...
The RP-600M's seem to be a good choice. IMO>