Klipsch Palladium P-37F

I own Klipsch RF-7s and would like to upgrade. Any thoughts on these? I am looking for a smoother midrange for vocals. Listen to mainly rock, zeppelin, floyd, stones, sublime, david gray, etc.
I auditioned the P-38F and P-39F. The P-39F was the one I spent listening to the most. I did not have many CD's that day (my stereo and CD's are in storage) but the dealer had Pink Floyd's "The Wall" which I am very familiar with. I was really impressed with the sound. Massive soundstage, dynamic, clear bass, blah, blah, blah.

I can compare this sound with the Revel Salon1 (owned for 5 years) and I found it was more emotionally engaging through the Klipsch P-39F.

I have never heard the track "Comfortabley Numb" sound as nice as it did on the Klipsch P-39F. Except, when I heard it played live twice in the mid-90's in big stadium shows. It is a really nice sounding speaker. That and the Thiel 3.7 are my top 2 contenders for my new speakers.

The P-38F sounded like a scaled down verion of the P-39F. Everything was a little smaller but it still sounded very fine. I imagine the p-37F is similarly scaled down.

BTW - The Revel Salon1 sounded bigger and more engaging than the P-38F.

I am curious to see whether the price for these speakers remain what they are in the current economic climate. I also need to another serious listening session before I can figure out what to buy next.
Macallan, I am interested to hear about your experience with these speakers. I am thinking of purchasing a pair and pairing them with a MC275 VI, I listen mostly to jazz and vocals and blues.