Klipsch LF-10 Placement & Configuration Advice

I'm looking to get some guidance on sub-woofer placement and also (more importantly) configuration (specifically the LF-10). You can view my system in the "virtual systems" under the name "Man Cave System". I don't have very much knowledge in this area and would greatly appreciate any help. I have my sub connect to my pre-amp via a single rca (Kimber KCAG 1m "Y" cable) to a 5m run of JPS Labs Supercondutor Plus into the L & R rca inputs on the sub.

Thank you,
Those Klipsch's aren't the most placement sensitive, as long as they're 2 or so feet away from the back wall. They can sound pretty dynamic and good - but only if you're driving them with WARM tube electronics. SE tube amps, and some PP tubes need only apply. SS on these speakers are ear killers! I had the KLF 20s for a while - similar sound, but more bass and coherency. If you grow to love the Klipsch's realistic dynamics, but grow to loathe the un-fixable horn colorations (shouty), seek out Dynaudio.


I have my KLF-20's a little more than 2ft away from the back wall. I think that they sound good but improvements can always be made. From the way that I've read your comment, I'm concerned you are saying that the SS Sufire is not a good matching amp for these speakers? Is it the case that these speakers will only sound good with tube amps?

I'm sure there are some SS amps that these speakers sound good with, but at least in my case, those horns were way too edgy with every solid state system I tried. Jolida integrated helped, Bottlehead SE amps helped more.


i have been using klf-10 driven conrad-johnson pre-power
all tube for the last 5 years.
my room size is 13x20, ihave got best results when they are
about 4ft from rear wall.
I don't agree that the Klipsch KLF-20s only sound good with tube amps. I have used a variety of solid state amps with these speakers and have had very good results.
Bobgates - Is your room very well damped? Have you tried a SET with the klipsches? What SS amps have you tried?