Klipsch LaScalla "upgrade"?

I have a pair of Klipsch LaScalla speakers which I purchased new in 1983. I have made no changes to them. I would like to continue using them with my new system, (Audio Research: amp=VS55, preamp=LS25MKII, phono amp=PH5, turntable (Linn Axis), etc.

I was told that I should have the speakers "re-conditioned," i.e., rewired, additional bracing, etc.

Can anyone help me with either suggestions or refer me to some one or entity who could assist me.

Thanks, Mike.
last month's edition of audioXpress mag had an article on upgrading the tweeter in the k-horn. the upgrade would apply to the lascalla as well, since it uses the same components, but different cabinet......don
Go to www.klipsch.com there is a forum with a wealth of information. Plenty of Klipsch owners who have done mods & tweaks.
Thanks for the suggestions. By the way, since I am new to this forum, who is "Sean" and does he have an e-mail where I can contact him?

Thanks again.

You might want to check out the thread found through the link below...LaScala upgrades were discussed quite a bit by Sean & others.

Klipsch love them or hate them
Someone I know just bought this kit from Bob Crites. He is quite happy with it, paired up with a 300B SET amp. La Scala mids & highs and bass response apparently down to 30Hz. Write Bob, and he can quote you the kit prices.