Klipsch Lascala vs. Lascala II

Has anyone compared the sound of the older Lascala to the new Lascala II or had the opportunity to listen to the Lascala II?
the lascala II is a bit more open sounding in the higher frequencies. nothing radical, but more finese. overall, a more pleasing performance.
The LaScala II has 1" MDF which is supposed to cut down on some problems with the bass. The II is a much more attractive speaker, higher WAF. I own a pair of LaScala's and have heard the II's demo while at the factory in Hope.

Major changes between the II and I:
1" MDF in the bass bin.
Separate top hat for the tweeter and squawker.
Tweaked the crossovers.
Weighs more than the K-horn.
More sensitive than the k-horn by 0.5 dB.