Klipsch La Scalas or Polk SRS 1.2's?

I have a question for you guys with way more knowledge than me....which of these speakers would you suggest to run with my system? I have all Adcom components. I have a pair of GFP-565 amps & I just got a GFA-750 Preamp. I had a set of JBL L100T's I was going to use but I sent my drivers off to TN to have a guy re-foam them & UPS lost them! Luckily I had them Insured for $500 so I figured maybe nows as good a time as any to upgrade.
I love the look of the La Scalas with all the beautiful wood but I'm worried the 565's will over power them.
Any better suggestions in the similar price range?
I've had both except mine were the 1.2tl's. 2 different beasts to say the least.
The Polk's will have sound coming at you from everywhere in the room.Matthew Polk seemed to have done something to make these pyscho-acoustic in a way I hadn't heard before.On some recordings the sound would be behind my head.LOL Go figure. Lovely speaker with a bottom end on them that to this day I miss.I think Julien Hirsch had to measure them with some special equipment because they went so low. 16cycles with that sub radiator in that speaker.One of the best bottom ends I have ever heard.
The LaScala's would be my choice just for the fact that low wattage tube amps can be used in the future when you get serious about good amplification. Just my opinion but TUBES RULE!I did run the 1.2TL's though with a Golden Tube 300 B special Edition pair of monoblocks that by the switch in back could run them as a stereo pair or as monoblocks.Lovely sound but ran out of energy anything above 90dB SPL.
The LaScala's can take anything you throw at them but my brother in law has blown a tweeter using 500watt Heathkit monoblocks that he built.These speakers crave and need tube amplification though IMHO. They have a tendency to be bright and in your face otherwise.Really, trust me on this, get a nice tube integrated or a tube preamp/amp combo
and you will never look back.I don't mean to blunt or rude about your components so please take no offense but I've been doing this a lot of years and have some experience behind me in what I speak.
Whichever you choose best of luck.
The La Scala's are an efficient pair of speakers your Adcoms should have no problem driving them. As far as other choices well the Polk's are a good choice, they are going to give you more bass and while less efficient than the Klipsch, the Adcoms should do a good job. I would say that your room set up is going to play into your decision if you chose between those two pairs. If i recall the Lascala's like many of the horn speakers are designed for placement in or near corners. The Polk's are optimally a more center (away from the sides) and away from the front wall. Since you had a set of JBL 100 LT's and are looking at similar vintage Polks or Klipsch do I take it you are a vintage American speaker listener or just a vintage speaker listener? If the former I think you have picked some of the better models. If it is a the latter I would tell you to consider the KEF speakers of a similar era, the KEF 105-2, 105-3, and 104-2.
2 nice speaker pairs...for 'set it and forget it'...the polks
Be aware that the SDA's require a common ground amp unless you use the special AI-1 interconnect cable or you can ground strap the amps, which is something you should check with Adcom about.

I don't think you'd like the La Scala's with the Adcom's or any SS amp for that matter. Tubes would be much better. Then again, tubes and SDA's are pure audio bliss. Properly set up, they present a very realistic sound stage without sounds coming from all over the place.
The La Scala's dont sound good with ss amps. Ive owned 3 pair and sold all of them. One pair I auditioned was connected to a 100 watt Audio Research tube amp and it sounded absolutley beautiful. But I owned a McIntosh MC 206 and Rotel 1095 and I never got close to that sound in my house. La Scalas can sound absolutley great, WITH the RIGHT equipment and horrible if you don't have it. I had a pair of Polk SRS 2's (similar to SRS's but only 4 drivers and two tweeters). They were one of the best speakers I ever owned - Very easy to drive and sounded GREAT with mid-fi gear. The bass extension was enequaled and they imaged super. La Scala's are very focused and forward sounding. I wish I had space for the Polks in my home...I'd definitely get them again.