Klipsch La Scala vs Belleklipsch

I have and love K-horns driven by a C-J MV45 prototype. I need to downsize a bit. I want La Scalas(familiar)or Belleklipsch(unfamiliar). Any differance in sound quality between the two? The belle's are 6" shallower so the mid-horn must be smaller, can this be good? Also, what would be the preferance, cast metal horns, like in my K-horns, or the current injection molded plastic horns? Any expert advise would be apreciated. Thanks, Toz
Toz, The Belle (named for Paul's wife) is just a varient of the LaScala. The mid horn is the same (at least it was yrs ago!) Even if the horns are slightly diff. the drivers are the same. Sound wise? I don't recall hearing much diff. between either the LaS or the BK. OTOH, neither could match the K-horn for bass and slam.
If for no oher reason then WAF or GAF go with the belles. The sound is basically the same,ive heard them both and owned belles, but the belles will be alot easier to talk wife/girlfriend into liking as far as decor. Though large they are beautifully finished, something that cant be said for Lascala