Klipsch La Scala --two types?

I have a chance to purchase a pair of Black La Scalas (built in mid 80's) with side carrying handles. I believe they call these the industrial type? Does anyone know if they are identical to the non "industrial type" wood grain finish etc.. Are the crossovers the same? drivers the same? Overall do they sound the same?

I've read that the K77M tweeter, K55M midrange. and the AL-3 crossover are the best for these speakers. If so are the other types of drivers crossovers that much different?

Would an Onkyo TX-SV70PRO 90 watt/channel AV Tuner amplifier be a decent match to run them with?

What would a fair price for these be? Any other information on them would be helpful...
The industrial type you describe were built for portability. Some later versions came apart into a top and bottom half. They are not identical in terms of the cabinet, of course, but the drivers are all the same (which, as you know, varied over the years of production - they are still being produced today). I'd concur on the K55M mid and the K77m tweet (which is the first thing I'd replace for a large improvement), but I'd say the AA crossovers were the better version. I'm not familiar with your Tuner, but most tube amplifiers are an ideal match with LaScalas. I'm not a fan of SS amps with Klipsch horn loaded speakers. I have heard McIntosh SS sound good with them though. Prices for used LaScalas are all over the board. I'd say on average they go for around $ 1200-1400 for 80's stuff in good condition. Shipping is a bugger as they're heavy and large.

Plenty of info and opinions on the Klipsch forums if you can figure out their search engine.

Good luck.
Jax2 is absolutely correct.
The home version is prettier/more wife friendly.
These are huge. You will 95% of the quality and sound with a pair of Cornwalls if the size is an issue.
An Onkyo running them? Nah...not in the same league.
The Onkyo will have more than enough power, 3 watts is all it takes. However, it will probably sound a bit harsh and even over exaggerated. Look at tubes, class A rated amps or something a little more forgiving for power.
Thanks guys:)
Jax2, is it likely the mid 80's La Scalas do not have the K55M and the K77? Is this something that was added to the newer models?

Thanks Elevick about the Onkyo, I will look into a nice tube amp:)
Jax2, is it likely the mid 80's La Scalas do not have the K55M and the K77? Is this something that was added to the newer models?

Actually the drivers and crossover I recommended are from the older models and were replaced with less desirable components (arguably so). My suggestion to replace the tweet is not with another Klipsch, but with a drop-in Beyma replacement. I was using a Fane 2020 slot tweeter for a HUGE improvement in the high end. AA is the best of the Klipsch Xovers, IMO, but you can replace those with modern versions of the same Xover by either Bob Crites or Dean Westcott, or a completely revised version by Al Klappenberg. As far as which works best, YMMV. I think the AA is a damn good Xover, but they will come with older components which could stand for improvement just from an age standpoint. Elevick makes a good recommendation on the Cornwall alternative, although the size and weight is not that far off. A tube amp would be an ideal companion, again, IMHO.

Thanks again Jax2,, i appreciate the information and your advice..I am actually going to be receiving a pair of the La Scalas before the end of the week.. They are black with side handles and have some scrathces, but suppose to be a one owner and in good shape otherwise. He is actually delivering them to me from over 400 miles:)..I only pay him when they get here, so he must be true to his word.

Can you recommend where I could purchase the replacemet parts you mentioned? do you know of a decent tube amp i should try? something not too pricey though:)Thanks again
Can you recommend where I could purchase the replacemet parts you mentioned? do you know of a decent tube amp i should try? something not too pricey though:)Thanks again

Al Klappenberg
Bob Crites sells on eBay
You can contact Dean Westcott through the Klipsch Forum.

The Beyma CP25 is a drop-in tweeter replacement, but the tweet body would need to fit on top of your speaker as it is larger than the K77M.

Not sure who might carry Fane's tweets these days.

If you want to take it far, replace the top section with one of Bill Martinelli's Creations

Plenty of decent tube amps out there. It really depends upon your budget. "Not too pricey" means something different to different people. There's various tube amps built in China yielding big bang for the buck (I'm assuming you're looking for an integrated) from companies like Jolida, Cayin, Prima Luna, etc.

Thanks again Marco
I'll look into those suggestions
take care
Jax2 & Elevick gave excellent info. The woofer in the Industrial Lascala is actually a K-43 instead
of a K-33. It is able to handle more power/watts
than the K-33 woofer.

All 3 gentleman mentioned are excellent trustworthty Klipsch Heritage crossover Gurus. I have 3 upgraded crossovers from Dean Westcott. I own two pair of Cornwalls with DeanG's Type B crossovers-one with Auricaps & the other with Jensen Aluminum Paper In Oil Caps. I have Type A with Jensen Aluminum Paper In Oil Caps in my 1989 Industrial Lascalas.

My 1989 Industrial Lascalas are in unfinished birch with black plastic handles on the sides. They look the same as a home model Lascala with the exception of the side black handles. And there is a rectangular piece of wood attached with wood screws that covers the back where the crossovers are at in the Industrial Lascalas I own.

On all the home version Lascalas I have seen pictures of, the crossover area is open.
Thanks Lonestarblues for the helpful info:)

I received my La Scalas yesterday, hooked them up played with the positioning a bit, then listened to them for over two hours. I am happy, very happy. I was surprised at what they could do with the imaging and they throw such a large soundstage. Best part is they sound great at a louder than my normal listening, but withought any fatigue..

I've read that they really do sound like you are at a live venue and that is so true. For the first time in a long time I am really excited about listening to all types of music again..Jazz, Rock, Electronic (really amazing)and the upper bass kick is something I've never experienced in my home set up before..I wasn't expecting that:) but I like it...a lot.

I will soon post some pictures of my setup and add some more comments..
take care all,
Thanks again
Mike the answer to your question although late is the both commercial and home versions are the same exept for the woofers which are a heavy-duty better than stock. as far as the butt-cheek replacement tweeters and after market parts is a seperate issue and a matter of taste or lack of. Don't get caught up in the forum rat race of expensive upgrades. before you know you have invested twice as much as the speakers cost you.
It is fun to upgrade but it will get a little crazy. I started with La Scalas. And now have Altec 805B horns ,altec 288c ,Drivers, Beyma CP-25. Crites cross overs.In my La Scala bottoms. Well lets just say the La Scalas are good. But my La Scalas are incredible now.