Klipsch La Scala half-wall corners?

I'm in the process of designing my finished basement project.  the basement is approx 36x36.   the wall that i'm planning to place speakers on has a large spot (17ft long) that i plan to put TV and audio on.   on the left side of the 17 foot span i have a 3ft wide egress window, and on the right i have an outside entrance door (3ft). 

i intend to pull the trigger on a pair of la scalas.  since they benefit from a corner for low end, has anyone built half-walls? or does the added effect require a floor-to-ceiling wall?   

im still going back and forth over the aesthetics of the half walls.  on one hand it will help define the space.  on the other, it would be nice to have unobstructed views (but at least the half wall helps that way).   

hopefully the link below is visible.  thanks again 

Sorry, the link doesn't seem to work.
Yeah I had a feeling.  No simple way to attach a pic. Thanks 
Check the link.
I think it is missing a few letters or something.
The Lascala’s do not benefit with corners the way the Klipschorns do. You would still need a pair of very fast and tight subwoofers to extend the presentation to full range with the last octave. My opinion, and, my experience. Enjoy ! MrD.
Agree with mrdecibel. And I would be more concerned about that square room if I were you.


mrD thanks for your comments. 
oz, the room is not square, I have some partition walls.  The la scalas would be placed along a 25 foot wall in an area that is 16 deep. Ceilings are 8 feet.  Ceilings are resilient channel double Sheetrock ceiling with wool sound insulation.  Walls are 2” foam insulation behind framed walls with wool sound insulation.  Floor is tbd-probably laminate with area rugs.  So let me know what you meant by your comment. Thanks. 
I saw 36 x 36 and made the assumption. My poor reading skills are at fault.