Klipsch La Scala

I just bought a pair and I am very excited. I was wondering what kind of speaker cables I could use with them since they only take bare wires. I was hoping I could put my Cardas Ref speaker cables on them but I don't think I can. Please help if you have any experience w/ this type of speakers. Thanks in advance
Try the Maple Shade Clearview Golden Helix Cable (8'/$85) or their Clearview Double Golden Helix Cable (8'/$280) 30 -day money back. www.mapleshaderecords.com/tweaks
Change the connections.add binding posts so you can use your cables.
I have Klipsch Cornerhorns which have the same components/crossover as the La Scalas and I'm using Monster Z2 Spkr cables with Monster cable gold spades (Horseshoe shape)I soldered them on and they just fit (very snug) on the crossover terminal (Can't remember if I had to use a little longer screws than the originals?)I like the sound of the spkr cable but maybe you could put the spades on your
Cardas? Also I bought a little extra cable to go from my crossover to my woofer which will require some soldering to the woofer but havn't got around to doing that yet. I'm trying to find a good interconnect (cd player) that will work well with my K-horns that might smooth out the upper mids (horn) when playing at louder volumes the frequency with the harshness is probably around the 2.5K range-any suggestions? How bout the Stealth CWS (cross wrapped silver?)
The La Scalas are great also and have heard them many times, my brother has a pair. I'd sure like to try a tube amp on my K horns...always wondered how they would sound compared to my solid state?
Good luck!

Joe Lienhard