klipsch klipschorn date code???????

I would just like to know how a  serial #   8673283  for a klipschorn can be correct??

according to codes for this speaker the 86  is the year and the next two #'s = 73 is supposed to be the week the speaker was made.  am I missing something here?  I thought there were 52 weeks in a year.  so what happened here?  im looking at a pair and the #'s  are 8673283 & 8673281. 


tomtab, you are correct, however, in some cases for weeks 01 through 09, only a single digit was used for the week and then the last 4 digits to number the speaker. So, these are 7th week of 1986. I have a pdf document that explains this completely. I don't if I can send it through the Audiogon system, but will be happy to try and get it to you.

It can also be read as the 86th day of 1973.  Their date codes can be confusing.

Look here.
thanks  tls49,  no need to send.   onhwy61,   their 1986's  wise guy.  thanks for the help guys