Klipsch KG5.5 or Klipsch Forte or...??

Any thoughts on these two speakers? I've recently switched to a 38 watt tube amp and with my current stand mount speakers, I'm not getting the volume or bass impact that I'd like to have.
I'm currently using a pair of Jamo D830's (in walls mounted in a speaker cabinet) and even though I'm still using the crossover designed for the in walls and not the freestanding d830's, I love the detail (drums and cymbals in particular) I'm getting.

I do think the Klipsch's will give me the volume I'm after but I don't want to lose the quality of sound that I have with these Seas Excel drivers...
Cornwalls if you have the room for refrigerator size speakers.
As suggested, Cornwall,Cornscalas, and Chorus would definitely give you the volume you are seeking. The forte, forte II, and Quartets would also do the trick and most likely would be a better match than the KG5.5's.


Retired now, but worked in the audio industry for over 20 years, and sold the KG5.5's when they were new. Liked the smaller KG series speakers, actually still have a pair of KG2.2's for a small bedroom system, but didn't care for the larger ones. I think the Heritage line is better, which the Forte is a part of. Also, have a friend that is a Klipsch fanatic, and have heard different models at his house. I had a pair of the original Heresy, and he was so persistent that I sold them to him as he thinks, like some others do, that certain original drivers are superior to the newer ones. If you need it, I have some documentation for the Heritage Series with all the data by serial number from the beginning to 2008.

Obviously, you are looking at used and not sure about your budget, but considering your amp and what you are looking for from the post, my recommendation would be to try this speaker,


They have a 60 day return policy and they pay to return them. The details are here,


Links to a couple of reviews, and I encourage you to read them carefully because at a glance you may see an adverse comment, but then the reviewer goes further to disagree with that comment.



I have a some friends with Zu Audio speakers and have heard a few different models. One in particular that has the Omen worked with me at the last audio dealer before I retired. He made the comment that he would rather listen to his system, than the B&W 802D/McIntosh system at the store, and I definitely agreed with him.

Yes, I do have a pair of Zu's, and no, I am not affiliated with them in any way.
Echo what others have said...The 5.5 is more of mid 90s party era speaker for Klipsch...kinda fun but not the most accurate or refined sound...however...on blues rock these things are very lively and punchy...the Forte I have less experience with...but they have a loyal following..hope this helps..Omega makes some highly regarded single driver tube friendly speakers...good luck
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