Klipsch KG4 v. Vandersteen 2ce NOT Sig

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Currently own the Klipsch - have an opportunity to purchase a pair of Vandy's - rest of the system is McCormack DNA-125, Manley Shrimp, Cary 308t, AZ wiring, Shuyata power - smaller townhouse, listening to lots of jazz and opera but tastes all over the board -
Am I moving up with chain with the Vandys or should I stay where I am at?
The Klipsch aren't bad speakers, but the Vandersteens are at another level. I don't think you need to go up to the 3 or 3a to notice a difference. With the standard 2ce you will be upgrading.
You say "smaller townhome" so I expect you've noted the size of the Vandersteens. I had a pair and loved the sound but man they take up some real estate.
Nie rig.I expend the speaker hunt more broadly.Go listen arround.Your speakers are the fianl arbiter of sound and it's be a shame to limit the potential of that rig.
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To all, thanks for for the input - I will do some more listening and report back with my findings -