Klipsch KG4 v. Vandersteen 2ce NOT Sig

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Currently own the Klipsch - have an opportunity to purchase a pair of Vandy's - rest of the system is McCormack DNA-125, Manley Shrimp, Cary 308t, AZ wiring, Shuyata power - smaller townhouse, listening to lots of jazz and opera but tastes all over the board -
Am I moving up with chain with the Vandys or should I stay where I am at?
The Vandys would be a very nice step up. I bought a pair of the 2ce's several years ago. And they are the only part of my system that I haven't wanted to change at one point or another.
I think you need to go one step higher to the 3 or 3a Vandy to appreciate the difference...I think the Klipsch KG4 is hellova speaker given it cost..May not get enough respect. You have to go higher in the Vandy line to be happy......
The Klipsch aren't bad speakers, but the Vandersteens are at another level. I don't think you need to go up to the 3 or 3a to notice a difference. With the standard 2ce you will be upgrading.
You say "smaller townhome" so I expect you've noted the size of the Vandersteens. I had a pair and loved the sound but man they take up some real estate.
Nie rig.I expend the speaker hunt more broadly.Go listen arround.Your speakers are the fianl arbiter of sound and it's be a shame to limit the potential of that rig.
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To all, thanks for for the input - I will do some more listening and report back with my findings -
I've owned both and can say they are indeed different animals. The Vandy's are more open and laid back IMHO. The KG4's are more dynamic, some people say "in your face" because of the horn. For my musical taste(blues, classic rock mostly) I favored the KG4's which I feel are overlooked and under-appreciated. Both are excellent choices depending on your ears.
I am driving the Vandys (2ceSigs) with a TAD60 Amp, TAD150 sig pre. Using amperex 12AU7s and tung sol 6550s in the amp, I do not find the Vandys to be laid back at all. My amp is 60 watts per side and I listen alomost exclusively to classic rock. Reason that I like the Vandys is that they are very revealing and well balanced (in my system) and do not cause listening fatigue. I can get them to play very loud with little gain on the amp.
I power Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs with a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated in a large vaulted room and they are not compressed or limited dynamically. They do offer a different perspective into the soundstage relative to my Thiels in that the stage is pushed further back than forward, but all the dynamics are intact.
The Vandersteens are much better suited for the amp and preamp that you are using over the Klipsch's. The KG4's and other Klipsch's are really at their best with low powered SET amps and you would be quite amazed at how they sound with low powered tubes on them. I agree with Beernut that you have 2 different animals in the Klipsch's and Vandy's; however, given the amp you are using, I'd give the nod to the Vandys in this application.
Old thread but I had to respond

I have the 2CE Signatures and the KG 4's
KG 4 are such fun feel and sound like live music, very dynamic.

2CE's better in the audiophile sense of the word.

Have them both rigged up to the same source:  Modified Jolida JD 100 CDP  -  (two outputs.)

2CE's Audio Research SP 16, Opera Consonance  Cyber 800 Mono Blocks.
KG 4's  Line Magnetic  211Ia integrated.

Often do direct A B comparisons 2CE's just have an edge in clarity and that big sound stage and refined musical bass.

KG4's well here is the rub don't have to fuss with position they image like hell and are such likable speakers.  Chuck them in a corner toe them in sit back and enjoy.  Great bass, mid range and detail.
Played some Elvis on Vinyl for a friend the other day and he was gob smacked said It was like they were in the room.

Getting the 2CE's to sing was a lot of work, they need to be free of room boundaries, once you get it right they are amazing.
Also took a bit of work mounting them have wooden floors putting them on Granite plinths woke them up big time.

KG4's don't care where they are or what they are on.

Do not sell the KG 4's you will regret it big time.

Both speakers punch way way above their price range.
And both seem to last forever.