Klipsch KG4 or RF3?

Hi All, I am looking to start cobbling together a few decent budget vintage items as I having music withdrawals. I have committed to a NAD 7100 and am looking for some Klipsch speakers.

There are KG4's available locally from a couple sellers asking $200/pair.

Now some RF3's have caught my eye. It is so hard to tell the difference from pictures, stats, etc.

I really lean to the warmer and natural tones. Any insights to be shared will be very appreciated.
Will you be using a valve or transistor power amp?
In my opinion the Klipsch KG4 ( have them myself ) is acutally more a nuetral ( and can be bright )Speaker and if you need warmth you need to add warmth .. I have found that tubes or even Vintage Marantz and Sansui Receivers work very well with the Klipsch speakers ..You may also want to consider Early KLH 6 or 5 speakers ( Henry Kloss design ) ..They are much sweeter and will fit your requirements better..I have both KLH 6 and Klipsch KG4 ( available )..I live in Rutland,Mass. if your in the area,you can try either pair if your interested......
You want warm amd natural and dynamic for little $$$, try out this B&K combo. It should mate very well with a pair of KG4's. I also think your NAD will work just fine.


Klipsch KG4s are very underrated speakers, and sound much better than is justified by their modest price. I have paired KG4s with all sorts of amplification, both tubes and SS. Although I usually prefer tubes for Klipsch gear, I really like KG4s mated with low to moderate power SS amps like vintage Luxman, Sansui and Marantz gear. I think that your NAD 7100 will work great.