Klipsch KG2 Speakers- Crossovers Needed- Where to Purchase?

I recently inherited a pair of Klipsch KG2 speakers, both were apparently working some time ago, I have tried to run them with a reliable amp and it appears that one of them is sounding muffled, a friend suggested I replace the crossover.  Does anyone know a reliable source for new/used/refurbished crossovers for these older speakers?  Might there be a new option worth considering for both speakers.  They are in great shape and I understand that these would be great for a smaller room, they are noted as "bookshelf" speakers but I'd need a really big bookshelf, wanting to use them as stand alone.  All info welcome and thanks in advance.
You just can’t ´guesstimate’ what the real issue is with your speakers. I would suggest that you bring them to an audio repair shop familiar with the brand to get a repair estimate. It could be that one of the speaker is defective and has nothing to do with the crossovers. If one of the Xovers is defective, then it may be worth upgrading both Xovers with recent components.
First check to see if that is even the problem. Connect each driver one at a time to see how they sound. Use low volume so as not to damage the tweeter. Then even if it is the crossover it won't be the whole thing. Don't know about this one but crossovers can be as simple as a coil and a cap or two. You might be able to just swap a cap from one to the other and if that does it then just replace the bad cap. In both. Whatever you do in one you should do with the other. Or you could look at this as an upgrade, just swap them all out. Then you get into the whole which flavor of cap do you like thing.... 
Did you swap channels, left to right, right to left, making sure it is the speaker, and not something prior to them ( amp, source, interconnects ) ? I needed to ask. When you put your ear near the tweeter of the speaker in question, does it seem to be working ? Are the levels the same between both tweeters ? ( of course with some music, or white noise, playing ). An amplifier clipping ( running beyond it’s power capabilities ), or a speaker being overdriven ( to much power from the amplifier ), can take out a voice coil of a tweeter easily, or a woofer.
To answer your question as to where to buy, contact Bob Crites. He is big with anything Klipsch, and is on the Bay, or just google him.
In all honesty, for what a pair of KG2s go for I would just buy another pair in good working order.  Or consider trading up for a pair of KG4s - very under-rated speakers