Klipsch kg-2

please give review of Klipsch kg-2 the newer ones with passive radiator
I bought a pair of these in 1987. I was 16 years old and it seemed like an awful lot of money to me them. Saved up from my summer job and got them. I've loved them ever since. They are extreemly dynamic with excelent bass extention for a small speaker. They have a very wide and detailed sound stage. These speakers are very effecient and can be driven with just about anything. They have survied 12 years with me including going back and forth to college. I have been very impressed with these speakers and still am when I compare them to what is available now. I feel that they are a much better sounding speaker than Klipsch is putting out today. When I bought these Klipsch was still a boutique speaker. I got them from Sound Goods in San Jose California, even got to meet Paul Klipsch there once. Anyway, about 1 1/2years ago I found another one for sale (not a pair, just one) so I bought it to use as a center speaker in my HT system. A perfect match to the ones I already had, what luck! Well I've since added a pair of Klipsch Heresy II to my system as fronts and moved 2 of the KG2's to the rear and have a very well balanced HT. One weakness of the KG2's was a thin midrange. The 2-way design lost a little in the over lap between drivers when going for bass extention. But none the less a great speaker. Now with the Heresy's it isn't an issue (Horn tweeter, horn mid, 12" accustic suspension woofer). The horns are much tamer (smoother) in these "Classic" Klipsch loudspeakers, and don't have the overly boomy bass that the new ones tend to have. Sometimes "newer" is not always better.
I, too, bought a pair of KG2's in the mid-eighties. I've had them for this whole time and I still think they sound great. A few years ago, I added a powered sub-woofer (12" Klipsch), and it really provided a great boost. I agree that the mid-range is a little lacking, but I've tried to EQ the problem away.

Good luck!!
My first set of "hi-fi" speakers were a pair of these. This was long before the company changed for the worse in the early 1990's. I found the little KG2s bettered later KG models by a good margin. While I've moved along to much pricer gear since then (part of that audiophile disease), my beloved old KGs play daily in a relative's system and I'm still surprised even today how good they sound for their modest price. You could probably run them off a walkman, they're so efficient. With the right tube in circuit, you can gap the midrange dip of this speaker.